In the beginning… Through the Homestead Act of 1862, Lillian (Williamson) and her husband George E. Gammon, homesteaded the family … Read More


A windmill meant water… As soon as possible a well was dug. George did this by hand, hauling buckets of … Read More

1930 – 1950

The farm flourishes… In 1942 Henry Williamson, Lillian’s brother, bought a portion of the farm from the Gammon’s as they … Read More

1950 – 1970

The 3rd generation… Jack and Evelyn raised three children. After their two sons, Roger and John, finished their educations they … Read More

1970 – 1990

As the family grows so does the farm… As the Williamson family grows so does the business. Roger and John … Read More


The vineyards are planted… In 1998, in an effort to diversify the family business, the Williamson’s planted their first grape … Read More

Current Day

We currently have 300 acres in vineyard, fruit and row crop and the care of the farm has been handed … Read More