rie4 bottles of 2014 Dry Riesling for $36 – that’s only $9 a bottle!
Summer is coming to an end. It’s hot during the day but the nights are cooling off. People tend to change up their menus, including wines, with the change in the weather. Which makes Riesling is the perfect wine for this time of year. Rieslings are known for their remarkable balance between acidity and sugar, this means Riesling can straddle between light summer dishes and heartier autumn fare. Be sure to pickup your 4-Pack of 2014 Dry Riesling to sip on while summer slips into fall!

new lot

While there isn’t much to see on the new lot yet, you can see the back side of the tasting room as well as the event space and office.

We are coming up on our one year anniversary of moving into our beautiful new tasting room! We have truly enjoyed the new space and continue to make improvements. Once we were in the new space, we quickly realized is that we needed more lawn/garden space for outdoor events. So this summer we purchased the lot directly behind the tasting room and offices. We’re thrilled with the potential this 1.3 acre lot presents us and will start working on landscaping next spring.

Grand_Opening-134The Idaho wine industry has been growing in leaps and bounds and this growth brings in new visitors to our beautiful state. We were very pleased to read this awesome article that talks about the hospitality of the wine tasting rooms in Idaho. Across the board the wineries in Idaho have been greeting visitors with open arms and making guests feel welcome in our wineries and in our state!